The Definitive Guide to Buying Tires For All Terrain Vehicles

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Customization is all the rage for vehicles, and ATVs are no exception to the rule. While it is popular to give your ATV an edge by modifying the body, the wheels are getting lots of attention as new products continue to flood the market. Whatever you use your ATV for, there is a tire and wheel package that will suit you, making your ATV stand out in terms of both performance and appearance. Some modifications you might consider are discussed at length below. Choosing alloy wheels for your ATV will give you a flashy look that performs great and won’t break the bank. Alloy wheels conduct heat more slowly and will extend the life of your brakes.

They also come in several sizes, colors, finishes, and spoke configurations. Steel wheels are less expensive than alloy, and are a great choice for competitive riders, as they are incredibly durable. The tires you choose will depend on the conditions you tend to ride in. While new ATVs are mostly outfitted with all-weather tires, you might want to consider specialized snow and mud tires if you live in a climate where you find yourself driving in wet and frozen conditions for much of the year. These tires are designed to stay bouncy, rather than becoming hard, in freezing temperatures. This will allow you more traction. Snow and mud tires are best for getting around in melted snow, slush, and mud, and are not the best choice for lots of deep snow. Tires made specifically for driving in the snow are unique in the way they gain traction, simultaneously gripping and packing the snow. The tread on snow tires is horizontal and mimics the effect of tire chains.

All-terrain tires are a good choice if you live in a milder climate where you experience only the occasional winter storm. The tread on all-terrain tires is rugged enough to get around in inclement conditions, but cannot handle long exposure to deep snow and slush. When you are shopping for ATV tires, it is advisable to purchase a brand known for its durability and high performance, and if you can get a good warranty, all the better. It is absolutely a good idea to shop around for a good deal, make sure you understand why the tires are marked down. For example, most tire retailers have big year-end sales to make room for the next year’s products. You may also find tires on clearance if the retailer has decided to stop carrying that brand or style. However, you’ll want to make sure the tires aren’t marked down because they are damaged or have a factory defect. The major brands are generally well-known for a good reason: they are, for the most part, reliable and carry good warranties. With a generic, you may pay less upfront, but you may find yourself having to replace them sooner, in which case, you’ll be spending more overall. It’s never a bad idea to go online and read reviews of a brand of tire if you’re unsure.